20th Street Park

Our Neighborhood Lacks Green Space:

Our Chelsea neighborhood has too few parks.  Out of Manhattan’s 12 districts, ours ranks dead last for parks within a quarter-mile of residents and open space as a % of district square footage.  Sadly, the last new interior playground built in Chelsea was over 40 years ago, despite a massive increase in residential density since.

We Have Just the Location for a Park:

Our diverse community group is working to redevelop a vacant former Department of Sanitation parking lot on W 20th St, between 6th and 7th Ave, as a 10,000-sq-ft pocket park and playground.  Fun history fact: Did you know that this lot used to be the site of a NYC pubilc school. Back in the late 1800's - early 1900's, 140 W. 20th Street was the site of a local grammar schoolP.S. 55. One can only imagine the elementary students of over a century ago enjoying recess somewhere on these grounds.  Let's bring this green space full circle and provide vital recreational space for Chelsea's neighborhood children and students once again!

We Have the Support:

4,000 Chelsea residents and growing as well as key community groups, including: Council of Chelsea Block Associations, New Yorkers For Parks, Save Chelsea, Flatiron Alliance, NYC Park Advocates and scores of area businesses and schools are all supporters of 20th Street Park. 

We Have the Opportunity of a Lifetime

This lot is unique. It is unused and already owned by a New York City agency that could transfer the property to the Parks Department for little to no cost. If we don't get the city to build a park at this location, we may never see an opportunity this good, again. Learn what it will take to make this park a reality.

Visualize it!

Architecture and Urban Planning company, FIRM a.d., conducted a powerful case study that demonstrates the need for this critical open space.  Read more about their study HERE and IMAGINE YOUR PARK in three exciting concepts below: