20th Street Park

Friends of 20th Street Park are engaged in a dialogue with the local community board and elected officials to turn a vacant property into a park that all New Yorkers can enjoy.  In short, we need the City to facilitate a transfer of the property from Department of Sanitation control to Parks and Recreation.

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Step-by-Step Process

Ideally, this is what it's going to take to turn an abandoned sanitation lot into a pocket park.

  1. Chelsea's Community Board 4 (CB4) agrees to re-evaluate land use of 136 W. 20th Street, exploring all options, including the 20th Street Park Proposal.
  2. CB4 proposes a resolution supporting the Park proposal.
  3. CB4 votes on and approves the new 20th Street Park resolution.
  4. Council Speaker and District Representative Christine Quinn also reconsiders her prior support for use of the land and evaluates the 20th Street Park Proposal on its own merits.
  5. Given all the evidence of increasing residential density in CD4, a district that ranks last on several key open space metrics, the Community Board and elected officials endorse the Park Proposal.
  6. ULURP (Uniform Land Use Review Procedure) is filed for the purpose of a park at this location and is reviewed by the Department of City Planning for approval.
  7. After an approximate 12 month public process, the ULURP in favor of a park at 136 W. 20th Street is passed by City Council.
  8. Once the Sanitation department vacates on 12/31/2011 and the ULURP in support of the park has passed, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) handles an inter-agency transfer of the land from DOS control to Parks and Recreation.
  9. Parks Department conducts necessary capital budgeting, survey work, landscape architecture research, and environmental review (CEQR).
  10. 20th Street Park is designed and built.
  11. SUCCESS!  The Chelsea neighborhood celebrates its first new playground in over 40 years! Community District 4 makes meaningful progress on its open space goals and improves quality of life for thousands of residents. New York City moves closer to Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC goals of a park within a ½ mile, 10-minute walk of all New Yorkers — A community win-win!


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